Monday, December 10, 2012

Busy Morning

I don't usually set the alarm for 6:30 am but a lot was going on today. Marty had to be in NYC for an appointment, and I'm scheduled for the next and third round of Vidaza this week at the local hospital. I dropped Marty off at the bus terminal and then found a local post office to send a bunch of packages. I can never figure out what boxes or envelopes to choose to make it the cheapest. Thankfully the woman there was very helpful.

On to my appointment. First I had a blood draw. All is pretty normal on that front, with lowish RBC's. Then I went to the Oncology unit where I saw the nurse, the nurse practitioner, and three nurses in the infusion unit. I had my blood pressure taken three times by three different people, with it going down each time until it was perfect.

For some reason, the nurses couldn't believe I wanted an injection in my underarm rather than an infusion, in which they'd still be poking me to find a vein that would stand up to the pumping. Good luck. I told them I preferred 30 seconds of discomfort to them ferreting around my limbs to find a usuable place and then have to sit there for 10 minutes while the Vidaza flows in. The injection didn't hurt much at all and 5 hours later, I don't have a bump or any pain.

Marty's staying in the City so I'm going wild here in the boonies! Woot!

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