Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drug Hunting in the Mountains

Sometimes a pharmacy doesn't stock the drug you need but can order it for the next day. I needed a few prescriptions refilled yesterday so I went to my local pharmacy in Jeffersonville to drop them off. One drug, Gleevec, the pharmacist had never heard of. She looked it up online and tried to see if she could order it for me. She wasn't successful, suggesting I check with a CVS (original pharmacy that filled the Rx) in the area to see if they had it or could get it. The "area" means within 50 miles.

I called the CVS in Honesdale, PA, some 40 miles away. They had Gleevec and transferred the refills from my NYC pharmacy. This is how these processes should work. My friend Doug, who drives through Honesdale on his way to Jeffersonville, will pick up the Rx for me on Saturday when he's coming for dinner.

Sometimes, you only have to jump through one or two hoops before achieving your goal.

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