Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Normal Medical Problem

Add podiatrist to my list of specialty doctors. The second toe on my right foot has been bothering me for weeks. It looked calloused on top and the nail looked funky. My problem is I can't see the back of the toe due to inflexibility. Marty looked at it and said there was a tiny blood blister that seemed to be fading into a bruise. My local oncologist said I should see a podiatrist.

It turns out that I have a mild case of hammer toe, meaning that when my foot strikes the ground, the top joint is bending just enough for the toe to hit the ground in such a way that I'm injuring it with each step. In my case, I only had a small sore, which the doctor carved out of my toe. At one point, he asked if he was hurting me and I said no, I have neuropathy. No wonder you're not feeling this. He carved a bit more until I started whimpering slightly. He bandaged up the hole and put a device on the toe which will help keep it in the right place.

To have a minor medical issue unrelated to leukemia was not just a relief but a sign of normalcy. I didn't exactly put on my dancing shoes, but I was mildly happy, albeit resigned to the continuation of middle age meltdown. 

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