Monday, October 14, 2013

My Manic/Depressive Moments

Here's what I did today. And I'm not done. I took Buck to the park. Went to a very strenuous yoga class. Trimmed back the lilac bushes Marty transplanted. Lunched. Started sifting through my To File tray and arranged papers in neat piles which I plan to file later or tomorrow. Read by the brook for 45 minutes. Vacuumed two rooms. Sat down to write this blog.

I feel a little tired but it's a physical sensation that comes from doing things. The bad kind of tired is when you feel as though you're dragging around the weight of the world which is how your mind feels, too. This was how I felt from the moment I woke up yesterday until we left to celebrate my son's birthday. Even though my husband and son were around all day, I retreated into the dark place where everything is fraught with anxiety and numbness. We went on to have a very nice evening. I was thankful my funk had lifted.

Now, 24 hours later (minus 9 hours of sleep time), I still feel energized. I'm going to attack those sneering piles of mostly medical docs, receipts and bills and get organized for tomorrow when I might be able to make some sense out of the bills.

I can blame my Ms. Jekyl/Ms. Hyde flip flops on the bossa nova, but alas, I have to blame the prednisone weaning.

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Ronni Gordon said...

I would like to get off the prednisone too but when I read things like this I'm afraid to! I guess the thing to say is keep in mind that the funk is going to lift. As for the manic times, you sure get a lot done! Sometimes that happens to me anyway even though I'm not weaning. It's the only time I get serious cleaning done.