Thursday, October 31, 2013

For Four Hours Daily, You Can Be like Me!

Physical Therapy, Light Therapy and a repeat mammogram/ultrasound has kept me pretty busy all week. The hour of PT was intense and I'll be doing that twice a week. Light Therapy takes a minute (for now) but it's a 70 minute round trip drive. PT takes about an hour round trip. Someone suggested I need an occupational therapist to straighten my clawed hand. The Claw is my personal horror movie. No one seems to know why my hand remains permanently frozen in a useless and unnatural position. Can't I just check into a clinic and and have them treat my whole body?

Next week I have to visit the lab for bloodwork, see my oncologist, and go to PT and LT. The week after I'll have my Vidaza shots, plus PT and LT. Of course these are all in different locations. Did you know gas costs money?

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Ronni Gordon said...

Wow, and I think I run around. Is the light therapy for your skin? My left hand is not a claw, but for some reason I can't place it flat on a surface, which is definitely not good for yoga.