Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today's Travels

I awoke with a start. Somehow I'd slept for 11 hours. My body must have needed that extra time unconscious and in a supine position. I slithered out of bed and went downstairs to tend to Buck who doesn't mind sleeping late.

The front walk was once again treacherous. I liberally slathered snow-melt and took Buck on a walk. It was a short one due to the 10 degree temps and a wind chill of 20 below. Who will lose their grip first, Old Man Winter or me?

Thank heavens for my self-starting Subaru, which isn't garaged because the garage has too much stuff in it. I drove to Physical and Occupational therapies, which were torturous. I told them to be rough with me because I have to move this healing process along. I'm considering acupuncture, nutritional therapy for water retention and manipulation of my arm under light anesthesia. The latter is unbearably attractive because I think it will work faster. Who knows?

I went home for a quick lunch and put more mileage on by driving to Harris Hospital for my 4th injection of the week. When I got home my shoulder was aching so much I popped an oxycodone, something I don't do often. I opened a can of an Orangina wannabe, and put on an episode of Law and Order with a blanket over my lower body and a heating pad on my shoulder.

I could complain about other medical issues but I'll spare you the details. Thanks for continuing to follow my blog.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Thank goodness for oxycodone, warm blankets and heating pads.