Monday, November 19, 2007

Got Inspiration?

What inspires you?

I received an award Saturday night (not in person, because my fragile immune system wouldn't allow me to be in a room with so many people) that suggests I helped motivate the East Greenwich High School Cross Country team in its journey to the RI State Championship (and beyond). I'm of course honored and humbled to have this recognition, but come on, if not for the XC team, I wouldn't have left the hospital as soon as I did. Nor would I have had so much health-inducing fresh air and exercise, if not for the meets I attended. Inspiration is a two-way street, I guess. Watching those boys in their determination to be the best would inspire anyone: training since June no matter the weather conditions; getting up early even on Saturdays to run; putting the team's goal above personal ambition; running, running, running. If you're not a runner, you've no idea what kind of discipline it takes. Someone once said: life is short, but running makes it long. So thanks guys for the award, but more importantly, for your dedication, grit and success--an inspiration to us all.

When I think back to the day I left the hospital and went straight to the Davy v. Goliath meet against a school that almost never loses in any sport, I'm amazed at how far I've progressed. That was 17 days post-transplant; today is Day +73. I can't say I have all my energy back, because I don't. Some days are better than others but lucky for me, to be alone and palely loitering is not a threatening or depressing state. I enjoy the peace and quiet. I fill the time reading, writing, knitting, walking, thinking, managing household affairs. Napping (deserves its own sentence). If I am enthralled to anything, it's my illness/recovery, my personal belle dame sans merci.

Which reminds me how much I rely upon the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Discussion Boards for information and inspiration. It's a place I can go and hang with others who have (or take care of people who have) life-threatening blood disorders. Many of those posting have had transplants and are at various stages of recovery. Some are long-term survivors. Some of the stories are unbelievably sad; but many are hopeful, inspiring and even at times, funny.

Inspire or be inspired. Either way, you win.


George Jempty said...

Sorry it's been so long since I commented. First of all congrats to Mark, sounds like as a senior he may be unstoppable ;)

As for clairvoyance, 2 weekends ago an old high school friend (Glenn), who I re-established contact with 2 or 3 years ago, left voice mail messages for me when Lori and I were out to dinner.

It was Sunday night and I didn't even think to check for messages before going to bed. And who should feature prominently in my dreams that night? Glenn.

Will you check your comments expecting something from me, or having thought about me (such as when we are visiting, which is in a week and a half by the way)?

Ann said...

You're definitely an inspiration to me. I've decided to take a break from being organized--too many projects going at once. I'm definitely going to start making lists, as I'm too ADD to finish what I've started. Thanks for the offer of fish sauce. Everytime I turn around, a new bottle shows up in the pantry. Chris and Dixie like to experiment with exotic ingredients. They've also discovered that there are a million different kinds of fish sauce and I think they're determined to try every one. Have a wonderful turkey day and try not to do a thing.