Thursday, November 15, 2007

No News of Note

Skimming an article yesterday entitled something like "10 ways to a better blog" put me in mind of similar articles ticking off ways to enhance your sex life, your skin, your food, or whatever. One recommendation was to post every day. Every day? Even if you have nothing to say? Apparently, there are bloggers out there who do so. I promise you, I will only post when I have something to say relating to my health. If I were to use this blog as a soapbox, you'd all be sorry. I've been known to rant.

As my title so clearly (and alliteratively) suggests, I don't have much to report. But now that I'm writing, I can't resist the urge to go on. Forgive me, oh Editor of the Infinite Blogosphere, for tossing in a few more needless words.

Tomorrow will be 10 weeks since I had the transplant. I am still standing, and walking, and doing a lot of things, some allowable, some not. My blood counts are good, although the pesky white count bounces around a lot which I attribute to those little boys having fun in my marrow. I've actually felt almost completely normal, and do forget sometimes that I'm supposed to be on high alert 24/7. So far, my lapses haven't made me sick, for which I am grateful.

One symptom I've noticed lately is that I seem to be clairvoyant, something I don't even believe in. Does having someone else's blood coursing through your veins boost the so-called sixth sense? I will make further observations on this unnerving phenomena and get back to you. There, you see how silly blogging can be when you have little to say.

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Anonymous said...

pj . . .

how odd you would post this topic. i asked my husband last week if he felt a BMT/SCT would cause one to lose or gain a sixth sense due to the change in DNA.

i'm curious to know your outcome. personally, yes, i believe it can occur either way. i started researching the sixth sense, and there is a university in the USA studying it at current. people that supposedly have it demonstrate more activity in a certain part of their brain via scanning/imaging than those who do not. could this be triggered by DNA? some say clairvoyance runs in families.

there is a scientific book on the sixth sense written by dr. laurie nadel that has rec'd great reviews. it is called "the sixth sense: unlocking your ultimate mind power." went to B & N to purchase a few weeks ago, but it is a special order plus S & H. so held off for the next order from, who also carries it.

it is good you are feeling "normal." from another who tends to over do it, please remember to rest some on those days you feel great.