Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

I'm sooooo tired. Why? Most likely because I overdid it this weekend, although my lack of an immune system naturally makes me think of something more sinister. That's a good thing, though, worrying about my fragile health. Sometimes, I feel so good I forget I had a transplant 80 days ago. While this may be beneficial psychologically, it makes me take risks I'm not even aware of taking.

Acceptable reasons to be tired:
It's Monday, and the sky is grey.
I cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
I went to the Nike Team Regionals X-C meet and (shoot me) did too much running, hill-climbing, screaming.
While the rest of the crew raked leaves, I did laundry and made beds.
Woke up at 4:30 this morning.

Fear mongering:
I was exposed to something and will soon sicken.
I ate a slice of unpasteurized cheese (and other food lapses). Woops.
Over-exercising further weakened my immune system.

Now that all is quiet again, now that I am completely and utterly alone (until 2:30!), maybe I'll relax, take a nap, do nothing. Yeah, right, me do nothing. You should see my list. I'm even thinking about returning to work (if I can do it at home). Maybe I should think about that a little more ... .

Disclaimer: If my doctors or other medical personnel read this, I was only joking about the cooking, running, house-working, forbidden food eating. I spent the last 4 days knitting and reading. Really.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hmmm . . .

so why is it classic over achievers have such a hard time balancing achieving and R & R? and what is it in our brains that makes us basically ignore the i-need-to-rest feeling and push onward like the energizer bunny, wanting to accomplish, finish, do one more task for the day?

those lists--both physical and mental--we all know too well! really now, do they hinder or help?

wishing you live list-free for a few days to catch up on rest :-).