Saturday, December 22, 2007

Camptown Races

The results of my latest chimerism test show that the Colorado cord is widening its lead over Australia. The analysis of my peripheral blood puts Colorado (60% )out in front by at least two lengths, with Australia (40%) starting to fade in the stretch. My bone marrow shows an even bigger gap: 28% Australia / 72% Colorado.

Can Australia come from behind and win this thing or is he out of gas? Can Colorado maintain his commanding lead? It's a horse race: anything can happen and winning is up for grabs. And we still can't rule out a dead heat.

I'm uncomfortable with the impersonal nature of calling a person's blood by the name of his country or state of origin. Colorado will forthwith be known as "Peetz" after a Colorado town of same name. Australia will be called Paleroo, or Pal for short.

Do-dah, do-dah.

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