Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool News

During last week's heat wave, we developed a number of mechanical problems that tested our coping mechanisms. First the central air conditioning stopped cooling, followed by a copycat meltdown in the refrigerator. Then Marty's car overheated due to what we've now learned is a cracked radiator. Not only was it hotter than the hinges of hell around here, there was nothing cold to drink. Kinda reminded me of our honeymoon in an unnaturally steamy London where there was no A.C. and very little ice. The heat wave finally broke but the fridge stayed busted for 5 days forcing us to live out of coolers and replenish ice daily. This incredible hardship was duly noted by my 17-year old who quipped, "Except that we have Internet, it's like living in the Middle Ages."

Somewhere during that trying week, I went to the clinic for a check-up and was told my blood is completely normal, see ya next month. My feeling was that as long as it wasn't me overheating and suffering the breakdown, I could easily handle the other annoyances. Two out of the three cooling devices were repaired on Friday. Marty's Saab is a story yet without an ending.

The other bit of cool news is that Mark placed 2nd in the 800 meter run at the New England Championships in Maine on Saturday. I started weeping after the race ended, my sobs duly captured on videotape. Life had frayed my nerves and worn me down to a nub, but I still had some gooey emotion trapped in there that managed to leak out.

All's well that ends well.

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Jim said...

Congratulations to Mark, and Saab's are always in the repair shop.