Saturday, June 28, 2008

Something to Get Off My Chest

There's a little man sitting on my chest today and I wish he'd get the hell off. He comes by every once in a while and assumes the lotus position on my upper chest area, quietly and persistently pushing down on my internal organs and making me feel off. Since I have no other symptoms of any kind, I'm not thinking I have heart disease or some other serious condition. I slept fairly well last night, so I'm not particularly tired, although little man drags me down a bit. I ran two miles this morning before it got too hot, and I felt really good.

Since I usually feel remarkably well for someone who had a transplant nine months ago, this symptom is very noticeable. It makes me feel like a slug or a sloth or your average teenager. My three are presently draped over the furniture in the TV room watching mindless drivel. I have two possible explanations for the pressure I'm feeling. One is that I'm suffering normal post-transplant lethargy. The other is that I'm literally feeling pressured by something but I don't know what it is. Free-floating anxiety has decided to hover over my chest, weighing me down and worrying me enough that I'm writing about it.

Here's hoping that this post is therapeutic, that little man get's off my chest and does something more productive, like mow the lawn.


Ann said...

Tell the oompa loompa to leave you alone. Seriously, though, please let your doctor know. I've heard of GvH of the lungs starting out with a "heaviness" on the chest. It's probably nothing, but when you're a Chimera, it's better to be on the safe side.

Kunal said...

So when is the appointment with the doc? You are way too smart to let this go unchecked.

Sue L said...

And if he's REALLY bored, he can come wash my car!!!!