Monday, June 30, 2008

The Little Man on My Back

The chest pressure was short lived, but that annoying little man returned today and got on my back. It all began when I inexplicably slept for 9 hours and felt ready to take on the world. Bueno, I ran my usual two miles, ate breakfast (let's hear it for blueberries) and was heading for the shower when little man started barking orders at me. After cleaning two windows (inside and out), doing two loads of laundry and contemplating a re-design of my front garden, I bent over quickly and sent the little slave-driver flying. I finally showered and headed out to the bank. I also stopped in at CVS to buy more Windex since I'm fresh out due to the morning's labor. Impetuously, I bought a bottle of nail polish, "Hot Mango," because I like to have happy toes. Returning home, I did ten or eleven other minor things before embarking on tonight's dinner preparations. I couldn't decide between meatballs/sausage/spaghetti or fried chicken, so I decided to cook both. If Marty doesn't come home soon and save me from this madness (I swear, I'm NOT bi-polar), I'm either going to cook a third dinner or clean out the garage.

My toes look quite yummy.

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