Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Transplant Fun

I've developed the requisite mouth sores (few transplant patients escape them), which means that only certain foods go down well. I have a mild case of it, so I have to limit myself to soft foods that aren't too hot. Oatmeal, which I fortunately like, but maybe not for long, fits the bill perfectly. Pudding is also a winner, as is cooled chicken noodle soup. Tomorrow, I plan to try a hard-boiled egg. Since I'm receiving supplemental feeding through one of the three lines that dangle from my chest, it doesn't much matter what I eat as long as I keep the system flowing. Otherwise, I would have to re-train my digestive track, much like a baby has to start off slowly adding new foods.

Today I needed two units of blood. This takes about five hours, so I was fortunate that Mariel was here to help me pass the time.

I still have arm/shoulder pain but it seems to be improving. A neurologist came and hammered, raked, and generally tortured me.

Also, I've developed a nasty, itchy rash that has everyone puzzled. The attending physician suggested that it could be gvhd (graft vs. host disease) in a very early stage. Gvhd occurs when the donor cells, seeing the recipient cells as foreign, launches an attack. The doctor was hesitant, however, to prescibe a steroidal cream, so for now, I apply lotion and try not to scratch. Easier said than done.

Transplant veterans know that what I'm experiencing is typical and not overly serious. So put those worry beads away and send me any soothing energy you happen to have lying around.


Ann said...

You have all of my positive thoughts and wishes!

Ronni Gordon said...

How about a little bit of canned peaches in vanilla ice cream?

And don't forget to ask for the Atarx (not a steroid), especially at bedtime.

Sending soothing thoughts your way for sure. Remember these things are a bummer but they pass!

Sarah said...

You're amazing PJ. I was itching my rash (yes, it's GVHD) while reading your latest update. Suddenly mine didn't bother me so much. I'm keeping the candle lit; hang in there.
Sarah from Ithaca

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! They never know about the rashes. Mine was steroid-related acne (yuk!) until it turned out to be early GvHD. Whatever - you're a hero not scratching! Sending soothing thoughts and thinking of you every day, Brenda