Friday, August 21, 2009

White Cells to the Rescue

What every leukemia patient yearns for:
Healthy white blood cells. Thanks Emma!

This week has been a challenging one, downright cyclonic in its gyres and gimbles. As I staggered from one late-night MRI to the next, a CT-scan thrown in for good measure, all I asked for was a bit of unconsciousness.

Only one of the MRI's explained my shoulder pain, a slightly torn rotator cuff, which is likely to heal alone, with some physical therapy. The CT- SCAN showed that I had a small amount of fluid in my lungs, the pain compounded by all the violent vomiting I'd done. The doctors seem unworried but are covering me with a broad-spectrum anti-biotic just to be safe.

If you're wondering what on earth is that white blob I'm nuzzling, Why, it's a white blood cell, approximately ten million times its actual size. When I get enough white cells to effectively battle infection, they start talking about discharge.

Soon my friends, soon.


Jim said...

You look great, PJ. The smile says you're way ahead of the game. I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Fight on, brave soldier.


Anonymous said...

I love your white blood cell! May billions of them spread in your body healthily. And I love your English, as juicy and fleshy as ever. Hope you'll be out of pain soon, Brenda

Sue said...

You look fantastic! Put that "Dazed and Confused" t-shirt away right now. That is a great picture and one that makes me smile.

Sue S

Ronni Gordon said...

Love the photo, especially the smile and of course the white blood cell. Do you think they make anything like that for platelets? You look great. Sorry about all the yukky stuff. I remember being in that overlit hallway in the middle of the night waiting for scans. No fun.

Here's to WBCs and getting out!

Anonymous said...

You really do LOOK great- Jim is right! Enjoy those white blood cells and know they are protecting you a little bit so you can continue the journey.

Sue L said...

Hey, wouldn't it be great if that wbc could be like the Godzilla of wbc's??? Then it would really kick some you know what!!!
I agree with everyone else here, you look terrific!!
Keep beating your war drums.