Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pressure, Oh the Pressure

Everyday my husband asks me if I've blogged today. Well, I did get my socks on by noon.

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty to blog about, but it takes energy, which I seem to have misplaced under the covers. And I love all your comments--heck, we've even managed to flush out some far-flung and feared-lost Canadians we haven't heard from in a long time.

My biggest problem is that my right hand (actually the whole arm from shoulder to fingertip) has been weakened, let's hope temporarily, most likely due to the radiation. I may have to ask Marty to be my scribe, except we tend to fight tooth and nail on grammar issues. Seriously, he is a good editor and catches and fixes my most glaring errors.

Except for the usual and expected issues (nausea, fatigue, bone pain), I'm doing okay. A friend sent a stuffed white blood cell I have suspended from the ceiling, constantly nagging at me to crank up production in that department.

And she sent a book about writing the six-word memoir. We could all use more of those.

Here's mine: Have as few transplants as possible.


Samantha MacRae said...

Lol pj! A friend of mine kept on saying to Graham, "you should be writing a book!", to which he would reply, "I am in no condition to be writing books!"

Sam xx

Jim said...

Hilarious and smacking, PJ. You continue to occupy our thoughts very often each day. Keep bloggin' and/or taking cues from Marty.


Ronni Gordon said...

My sister had to be my scribe for a while because I was too weak to type. Good thing we have helpers.

Liked your memoir!

I was going to come over today but they were moving me right on through the system, and by the time I got my platelets it was 4 p.m. Say hi to Myra and Vytas and hope to see you maybe next week.

George Jempty said...

Hang in there....George

Binnie said...

Well Peejay, lets hope this is your last ever transplant and you stay in remission forever.

Love & Hugs

Binnie (uk)

Anonymous said...

Hi PJ. Well you've got the expected side effects. Nothing you haven't read about here before.But reading it and living it are not the same. Your mental acuity is so sharp it can afford a few dips and still make us look like dummies. Hey that gives me an idea. When all this is over why don't you write one of those Transplants for Dummies books? I have one on Dachshunds and it was quite helpful. Six words, huh. Okay. PJ (one word) come back whole and healthy. Love, Judy (those two don't count)

Anonymous said...

HYSTERICAL! You still are darn funny even if you feel crappy!
Keep on going- you are doing a great job!

rebecca said...

Here's hoping your next update can be a one-word memoir: "Home."

Janis Perry Derby said...

Your Plog gives me the inspiration to handle anything.I love your outlook on life via the hand you have been dealt. Keep up the writing no matter who has to scribe.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you PJ. Hope you feel better.


nicole_rc said...

Pj! HI!! I am so happy to finally be leaving you a message.. You have given me faith and hope, so much hope! A part of my mind this week has been filled with your strength and courage believing all things are possbile.. You and my mom are just simply amazing and I wanted you to know how much I care about you!! Keep kicking leukemia's butt-you can do it! hugs, nicole