Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boston Brief

My neighbor Claudia kindly drove me to Dana-Farber today for my monthly check-up. Blood draw, vital signs, doctor exam. The biggest news is that I gained six lbs. in four weeks, thanks to the binge eating brought on by the prednisone.

My liver is happy, my kidneys are happy, my blood production is going well.

WBC: 8.3
RBC: 2.96
HEM: 11.1
HCT: 33.0

I am seven months post-transplant.


Anonymous said...

Yea...Everything sounds good, Brian and I have been watching the blog and now that things are quieting down at work we'll be in touch more. We are going to Boston tomorrow (wed.) and will try to call and check in. Stay well.
MaryBeth & Brian

Ann said...

Great numbers and great news!

Jeffrey Silverstein said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Missed you yesterday and started to get concerned. Keep up the good work and you'll need Jenny Craig in no time!!

Anonymous said...

Hi PJ, just caught up on you again. I'm in Athens (Greece) rather worried about non-existent jobs than health. (That's good! Especially since the jobs have been coming in since yesterday.) I find your entry on the different styles and techniques in blog writing and book writing highly interesting. Keep it up! In admiration, Brenda