Friday, January 28, 2011

Early Morning Clinic Visit

It's been a long time since I've had to get up early to go somewhere. Usually I just hang out in my jammies and drink coffee before ambling off to the gym. This morning, I was due at the photopheresis center at 8 am, so bounced out of bed at 6:30.

Here I sit, hooked up to a machine which is draining me of some of my blood. This will be treated with UV light and returned to me. The process takes about 3 hours. To entertain myself, I've brought my laptop and the Keith Richards book. I also have my cell phone if anyone feels like chatting. I can always nap.

Maybe I'm reading a lot into it, but it seems my eyes have been a little less dry since the first treatment. One of the side effects of these sessions is that you're tired the next day. I didn't experience any more sleepiness then usual.

When I leave here today, I have to wear movie star sunglasses to protect my eyes from UV light, along with 85 sunblock on my face. This sensitivity lasts for 24 hours, so I will be walking around Jeffersonville tomorrow looking like a druggie, which in that hippie town is not so unusual.

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she's gone.

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Ann said...

Photopheresis can be very effective for GvHD of the eyes. While I was having apheresis, I met a transplant patient who was having photopheresis for that very thing. Bundle up and try to stay out of the snowpacolypse. :)