Friday, January 7, 2011


I saw my friendly psychopharmacologist yesterday. It seems I'm on the right stuff and that my mental acuity is still there. I got 100% on my cognitive test, which I'm pretty sure I could have aced from the time I was 7. $500 for 45 minutes. Ouch.

Because I hadn't had lunch and was starving, I dashed out for some street food. Because it was freezing, I stopped at the first one I came upon and bought a hot pretzel. Pure cardboard. I should have opted for the hot dog.

Next stop, my oncologist's office. My blood counts are fine, the iron is off-loading again from my liver (which is still terrorizing my metabolism), and my cholesterol count (non-fasting) is down to 255. They may have lost the jug of urine I lugged in from my 24-hour pee-fest. It probably went to the cafeteria instead of the lab.

I have an appoinment with my opthamologist next week to figure out what to do with my eyes. I'll probably also have the catheter implanted in my chest so I can start photopheresis. This is not how I imagined my life in New York, but it's a life.

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Paula said...

Lots of stuff probably wind up at the cafeteria instead of the lab!

Great insight!

You sound as feisty as ever.

That's the good news.