Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Plug

In an attempt to get some eye relief and to make sure I'm not damaging my eyes, I went to my opthamologist today. He recommended I stay on the Restasis and he plugged one of my tear ducts to see if that would help. A plug apparently keeps moisture in the eyes instead of letting it drain out. He only did one eye so we'd be able to identify the procedure as having caused any improvement, not time or continued use of Restasis.

The media is trying to cow us by fanning the snow fire. We may get a foot (or more!), or we may get a few inches. Marty says we should ship milk, bread and eggs up to Rhode Island where they fear snow more than nuclear meltdown. New Yorkers can be cavalier about disaster because we can pick up the phone and call for our favorite take-out regardless of how impassable the streets might be. I've almost been taken out several times by delivery personnel careening down sidewalks and streets. Ah, the price you pay.

One of my favorite bloggers came for lunch yesterday. We have so much in common, we joke that we are doppelgangers. It was so nice chatting with someone who recognized that living one day at a time, taking baby steps and otherwise dealing with cancer fallout is not as rewarding as it might seem to those who don't suffer from chronic side effects. Others mean well but they don't look like chipmunks, their livers behave, and they don't appear to have leprosy.

No word yet on when I will become the bride of frankenstein once again. The earliest I will get the catheter implanted is next week.

Time to walk the most famous dog in lower Manhattan, the Big Turbowski.

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