Sunday, October 23, 2011

After the Fall

I'm okay. I did a really dumb thing Thursday night. I was putting the iced tea container away in a cupboard over the refrigerator, retiring it for the season. While I was up there, I saw all the dirt that had built up over the months. I hate dirt. The dumb part was that instead of using a step stool, I got up on a kitchen chair. The first few climbs were easy enough, but my legs wore out and I had little strength left in me as I was climbing up to conquer the last patch of dirt.

I hit the ground with a thump and a scream. Harry was in the room next to the kitchen and came running in. I had already curled up on my side, so I knew I wasn't paralyzed. I assessed the damage: a big bump on the back of my head and terrible pain in my lower back. Harry got me ice packs and stayed with me on the floor. He helped me get up and I sat on the couch for a little while, reading.

It only hurt when I stood up, sat down or climbed stairs. I broke down and took a painkiller, which helped some. It still hurts, and my attempt at running/race walking this morning was unsuccessful. I walked a mile. Why push it?

I was very lucky. I fell on a carpet. I wasn't seriously injured. Harry was there to help me do things. I vow to always to use a step stool and never to clean the top of a refrigerator again.

I write this as a cautionary tale for everyone, but leukemia survivors are at a greater risk for breaking bones and should be even more cautious.

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Ann said...

PJ, I'm glad you're okay. I will admit that the title of your post gave me pause and my heart hiccuped a few times.