Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Off-Line

Today I had my central line pulled. It had been implanted in my upper chest so I could have photopheresis for eight months. Since I quit that, I asked for it to be removed.

The doctor, a cute Puerto Rican named Jesus, had to give me more Lidocaine than he imagined because the line was growing into my flesh. He also had to use a scalpel and clamp to finally extract the Frankensteinian device. My friend Jeff collected me after the procedure and we had breakfast. We stopped to get my new glasses (I can see into the neighbor's apartment across the street and watch their TV) and pick up a chicken for dinner. After he escorted me to my apartment, I took a two-hour nap.

I feel good and my back is healing. I can take a real shower in three days, but a semi-real one tomorrow.

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George Jempty said...

Take it easy Patty. News from me: after 2.5 months in Orlando, I'm in Birmingham now -- good thing I'm not Hispanic. I should call you some early evening.