Monday, September 10, 2012

Four More Zaps

My radiation treatments end Thursday. Frankly, the "spot" has not "melted away" as my radiologist says it will. I have four more treatments this week so we'll see if the melting begins.

Yesterday, I experienced an odd pain in my sternum which was worse when I breathed or moved. I never used to be this way, but my first thought was heart attack and my second was radiation in the wrong place. Two ibuprofen later and watching the Yankees bomb the Orioles, I felt much better. Still, I was tired and couldn't go to my friend's art exhibit in Brooklyn as planned. Fortunately, I seem to have new respect for my limits.

1 comment:

Ronni Gordon said...

Yes there's definitely something to be said about respecting your limits.

Maybe you were having heartburn or anxiety.

But it's totally normal to jump to conclusions when you are under stress.