Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

I had cataract surgery on my right eye August 8th. The vision was so good after the patch came off that I could read without reading glasses. I didn't throw them away.

The problem was, without a PROSE lens on that eye, my lack of tears meant I frequently had to lubricate the eye, and it was half-closed much of the time. I had to wait until I got the green light from my eye surgeon before getting a new lens.

My left eye will have its cataract removed on October 31, just in time for me to be a pirate for Halloween. I still wear the PROSE lens on that eye; it's just a little blurred.

Last week, I got the go-ahead for a new lens. Today I received it. I was so excited. Before I popped it in my eye, I thought, what if this doesn't fit or give me good vision? I'm not usually such a pessimist but I think you can understand why I'm hesitant to celebrate anything health-related.

The good news, make that great news, is that it feels fine and I have the vision of a fighter pilot. My vision is so well-corrected, I have to wear reading glasses again. I turned the apartment upside down searching for glasses. I have at least five pairs, three of which are in Jeffersonville. I couldn't find mine so I'm wearing an old pair of my husband's that I found in a drawer.

It's true. One day at a time.

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Jeffrey Silverstein said...

Congratulations. A hint of things to come in the new year!!