Friday, September 14, 2012

If I have one life to live ...

... let me live it as a brunette.

Yesterday was filled with appointments. After an early yoga class, I came home and had breakfast with Marty, then we were off to MSKCC for my appointment with Dr. Girault. My blood work was normal, and no meds were changed due to my leukemia cutis. The bump is getting smaller but is not yet gone. I'm scheduled for three additional radiation sessions next week, and I begin Vidaza shots October 8th.

I took the bus to my hair salon. I'd decided I needed a change. My blonde highlights were becoming too blond and I was sick of them. After discussing options with my stylist, I decided on a rich chocolate brown with red overtones. I look really different. When I came home, Marty actually noticed that my hair was changed. Usually he doesn't know when I get a cut or color.

I did a little paper pile movement (that's when you take a stack of papers and maybe group some together and pull a few out and remake the stack) and then left for my radiation treatment. I stopped on the way to get a 20 minute massage of my arms which look and feel buff but are merely uncomfortably hard and thick with water.

Radiation was fine except for the wait which nearly undid me. I had to practice a lot of meditation, eyes closed, because I was out of eye drops. When I went for the bus at 7 pm, it was a bit chilly. The bus didn't come for 20 minutes so I shivered on 1st Avenue and cursed the darkness. A late dinner followed. The Yankees beat the Red Sox and I drifted off to a deep sleep.


Ann said...

A shrinking spot is a very good thing. You look fabulous! The darker hair makes you look like a femme fatale.

Ronni Gordon said...

Wow. You really do look different, and it suits you. Now I'm thinking about what I should do...some red highlights, perhaps.

Sue said...

A new look for a new year! Very stylish Happy Rosh Hashanah