Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where I Am

Hurricane Sandy canceled my cataract surgery, but since I begged my doctor to schedule me for the next available slot, I had the surgery the following Wednesday. It went well and I can now see out of both eyes.

On Thursday, I saw my oncologist. My blood work is fine, my liver is doing better, and we decided to leave my meds unchanged. I had been experiencing blood in my urine with no other symptoms. I gave a sample to rule out infection, but Dr. Giralt and I both felt it was more likely to be bladder stones, which I'm prone to. Water retention remains a mystery.

I also saw the radiation oncologist Thursday and he was pleased with my progress and feels the leukemia cutis is gone. To be safe, I'm scheduled for a PET scan next week.

Overall, I have good energy but can't do yoga for another week due to my cataract surgery. I'm putting my massive amounts of energy into the BIG MOVE next week to our country house. Yes, I'm trading the big city lights for green acres. I'll still see my doctors at MSK, but will arrange to have my Vidaza shots at a local hospital. I'll also get an oncologist at that hospital.

I start round 2 of Vidaza on Monday, and when I'm finished on Friday, I'll wave goodby to a city I've lived in on an off for 21 years. I may yet live there again.


Ronni Gordon said...

Good news about your health.

I didn't know you were leaving the city!

PJ said...

I'll call you.