Sunday, October 21, 2012


Since my insurance company wouldn't pay for Lyrica, my doctor prescribed something call garapentin which is used primarily for epilepsy. I no longer itch! But the drug has side effects. I'm completely loopy when I take it, so I don't dare drive or use machinery. It makes me concentrate more so I can actually do things. Of course, I'm on a mega dose of prednisone so they probably counteract each other.

The cataract in my left eye, which I'm having removed on Halloween, has really affected my vision. Even with the PROSE lens I can't see much, another reason not to drive. Seeing through one eye works okay, but adds to my sense that I'm in a semi-hallucinatory state. If you saw me walking down the street, you would swear I was drunk. 

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Ronni Gordon said...

I think I took that drug once when I had a rash all over. It worked but also made me sleepy. Probably the drugs that work the best, even Benadryl, make you sleepy because they suppress the histamines that make you itch...or something like that. There's nothing like getting rid of an itch. Maybe they could try lowering your dose at some point.