Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Envelope, Please

The results of my chimerism test have come back and here's what my blood's made of: 1% me; 33% cord #1 (Australian male); 66% cord #2 (Coloradan male). Chimerism is the condition of being genetically incongruous. I received blood cells from two different sources, and it appears the Colorado batch is winning the battle of who gets to be Top Blood.

What does this mean for me? Well, it means I've disappointed all those folks who wanted me to have Australian DNA, possibly aboriginal. Unless of course the Aussie makes a comeback and kicks the Coloradan's butt, which isn't likely. So Colorado it is. I've immediately started rooting for the Colorado Rockies in the playoffs/World Series. I've caught myself humming John Denver's "Colorado Rocky Mountain High" at odd moments. Still haven't developed a craving for Coors.

Most importantly, this means that there's very little of me left from a blood standpoint, and that's the goal. I will be an enigma to DNA testing should I decide to leave this suburban life behind me and enter a life of crime.

Recent Accomplishments:
I watched Mariel run in the Seven Sisters cross-country meet in Wellesley, MA yesterday. Swarthmore's not a a member of the Seven Sisters but since there aren't seven left, they invited a couple of other schools they thought might fit the profile. This is what I'm guessing.
I baked scones this morning for breakfast.
I am directing a cadre of workers (mostly relatives, including 2 of my brothers) in a fall clean-up project from the comfort and warmth of my family room.

Now I'm going to eat some candy and read the Sunday Times from cover to cover. Hey, live for today.

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