Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nothing to Say But It's Okay

Let's take a (deserved) break from discussing disease. It becomes so dull after a while, especially for me. So, if you're looking for news about my latest platelet count, what new symptoms I (might) have, influenza issues, the Colorado v. Australia slugfest, or any other medically-related news, just stop reading now.

Daughter Dearest (that would be Mariel) writes: doing anything to stay busy at home? I always seem to be busy at home, even when I'm being a slacker. It's a special talent I have wherein one minute it's 8:15 in the morning and the next, my stomach's growling for lunch (which it just started doing). Time warping comes naturally to me, although I couldn't tell you how to do it. Either you have the ability to skewer time, or you don't.

Here's a little secret though, known to many mothers: if you have nothing to do, read a book. Or write one. I just finished (reading) a novel written by an Aussie sent to me by an Aussie and filled with Aussie-isms I didn't understand. My Aussie blood (tangential mention only, and doesn't count as a referral to the topic that won't be mentioned) must be fading, because it was no help at all translating words and terms into English. Lots of writers are mentioned in the book, and those I did recognize, except for the Australian ones. Thomas Hardy was one of the blokes quoted, so I decided to read a Hardy novel, if I had one. I do have one, and although it looks like it spent some time under water, it will have to do because I can't go to the library.

So last night, I began my slog through Return of the Native, fully end-noted with defintions of words/terms a 21st century reader might be puzzled by, seeing that Hardy wrote in the late 19th-early 20th century. I'm a sucker for reading most of the notes, which is why this is going to take me forever. But it's good for my brain to be challenged by thorny syntax and classical references, don't you think? Isn't Hardy a tad depressing? Hey, it's not like I'm reading Jude the Obscure.

Of course I do other things besides read, but I forget what they are at the moment. Some of them are related to the topic which I'm not discussing.

That's it. My mid-section is crying out for a savory dish, which it's not getting. After a thoroughly ho-hum lunch, I'll take a walk, a nap, have tea and crumpets, make a meatloaf, read. Day is done.


Ann said...

I loved Jude the Obscure, but I'm the worst kind of bibliophile. Sounds like things are moving right along. Continue taking things slowly and everything else will come together. I know how you feel about not wanting to talk about the disease. It would be nice just to have a little vacation from it all.


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