Monday, October 22, 2007

Home Alone

Can you believe it? I'm on my own after four weeks in the hospital and four at home. Now I understand why they recommend having a caretaker when you're discharged. I sure needed one, and I was even able to do many things for myself. Some transplant patients come home in much worse shape. I'd like to thank (pay homage to?) the people who helped this invalid reach today's milestone: Dianne; Esther; Karen; Chris. I will do my best to keep myself healthy, fed and in clean laundry.

It was a busy weekend, and I probably overdid it. Today I'm determined to be as sloth-like as possible, moving at a rate of 8 inches in 3 hours. We'll see. I spent much of Saturday in Goddard Park watching my boys run in the Brown Invitational Cross Country meet. It was chilly to begin with (for me) but the sun came out later and warmed me up to the point where I only had to wear three layers. My body temperature is only in the 97 degree range, so I get cold easily. Even though I brought a folding chair and sat for most of the time I was there, I still did plenty of walking across the field to try to get good vantage points. Both boys PR'd, Harry cracking the 20 minute mark (19:36), and Mark slipping into the high 15's (15:49).

There was hell to pay Sunday, though. The first part of the day was slow slogging. I was queasy, tired, and frustrated that I wanted to do so many things but could not, either because it's illegal (raking leaves) or because my batteries were dead. Mariel had agreed to prune some bushes and dead-head perennials for me, but she was leaving to fly back to school in the early afternoon, so I dragged myself out of the comfy recliner, and went outside to supervise. I think the fresh air revived me because I suddenly felt up to giving Harry and Mark haircuts on the deck. You'll be relieved to know I didn't cut anyone, including my low-platelet self. Actually, the haircuts came out quite good, considering my relative weakness and slight scissor-hand tremor. Brave boys.

That was it though for the rest of the day. All I could do was nap and read the NY Times. Ah, what a life.

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Rebecca said...

You should re-create the Macauley Culkin Home Alone picture: screaming with your hands on your cheeks. :)