Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts for a Friend

This is what I hate about leukemia. Just when you think that maybe, just maybe you've caught the little bastard, tied him up and thrown him to the sharks, he sneaks back into your life. Just when you're feeling better, building strength and confidence, even allowing yourself to think about the future, LB shows up and with one petulant blow, knocks down your carefully built stack of dreams.

My friend Ann is lying in a bed at MD Anderson in Houston. She was supposed to be buying a house and re-entering school in the Fall. She was just shy of 400 days post transplant when LB sneaked up and threw a sucker punch. I feel like it happened to me.

Ann will not take this lying down, not for long. She will gather all her strength, all her moxy, all her anger, all her everything and she will fight LB. It may take a few rounds, but she'll go the distance.

Ann's Fight continues. Love you Ann. Stay strong.


Marie said...

And people wonder why we don't just forget about the cancer and pick up where we left off if the chemo did it's job. This is exactly why - 300 days - even by onc standards that's almost home free. It's always there hiding, isn't it, ugh! I feel a little man pressing on my chest!

I have a friend who just completed treatment for NHL and his first post-treatment scan showed a new mass. It feels like it's lurking sometimes. stay strong and invest in a really long broom!

Ann said...

Thanks PJ. Love you, too.

Jim said...


We're thinking about you and praying for you as you kick LB's butt. We follow your blog, too ... Know that you have a loving, supportive community out here. Love, Jim and Dori