Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Politics of Fear

This is not about this week's New Yorker cover. Enough has been spewed about that. This is about the politics of fear in Rhode Island, the smallest state with arguably the smallest minds. Maybe you've seen our governor moaning about illegal immigration on Fox News broadcasts. He's made it his mission to prevent these abominable creatures from robbing us blind. Rhode Island is going down in flames, but don't worry, at least we'll get rid of those illegals.

Yesterday, there was a "police action" (not to be confused with a "raid") that netted 30 some-odd alleged illegal workers at six courthouses around the state. While mothers from Guatemala scrubbed toilets, 50 ICE agents and 12 state troopers swooped in and bravely relieved them of their toilet brushes. Pardonnez moi, but shit happens. I don't even want to think what this courageous action cost, and I shudder to imagine what the sanitation facilities at our palaces of justice smell like. Who wants to clean toilets in the middle of the night? No Rhode Islanders I know.

Did I mention that the companies who employ these evil doers face no criminal charges? How were they supposed to know that the workers' ID's were allegedly fake? You'll be relieved to hear that 12 of the 30 were set free (wearing ankle bracelets) for "humanitarian reasons." The State didn't have the heart to see all those children placed in foster care while their moms are rotting in jail. Now, the reunited families can all starve together while awaiting a hearing and possible jail time. Ultimately, these bad mothers may be deported, but not before it costs a lot of dough, not to mention horrendous jury duty conditions for the patriotic people of Rhode Island.

I try to stay away from politics in this blog, but this just makes my blood boil. I have enough trouble with my blood.

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Makes you wonder doesn't it PJ?