Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'll have an extra dry Beefeater martini with a twist.

The good news out of Boston today is that I'm stopping the immune suppressant Rapamune, as well as the anti-fungal voriconazole. It's my choice as to whether or not I start tapering the anti-depressant I've been on since the bad old days. It's the Rapamune though that will allow me to have my Friday martini whether I need it or not. I've had an unauthorized glass of wine here and there, but Marty gives me a parental look when I do. I'm not planning on getting blasted or anything, but it's nice to know my liver is all mine.

Dr. Antin and I mostly chit-chatted about vacations, living in Manhattan, and real estate. My blood counts were good. He didn't give me a print-out but it's something like this: wbc= 9; platelets= 121; hematocrit= 27.8. The red cells are low but my reticulocyte count is normal which means I'm making red cells but using them up. As long as my energy's good, it doesn't really matter.

We drove back home and Jamie suggested we have lunch at Tio Mateo's. We were both starved. She offered to buy me a beer, but I passed. Suddenly I realized it's Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, but Marty the Margarita Man is in Manhattan.

Here's to you, Marty.


Cyndi said...

So hoist one in his honor!

Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations! Sounds like all good stuff. Have a drink for me, too. I'm allowed to but I'm not having anything to drink now because my liver has not recovered from when I had my hospital stay.

Jim said...

Sassy, drinking and happy ... The way we like you, PJ! Jim

Ann said...

I'll toast to this post! Great numbers and great news regarding fewer drugs.