Monday, May 10, 2010

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

So far, the celebration has been muted, although I did have my first martini Friday night. I also worked out at the gym with Marty, cooked a delightful meal (shrimp scampi), watched the Yankees trounce the Red Sox, and even went out for a post-prandial stroll along the Hudson.

It all started when I began feeling nauseous on Wednesday and threw up walking Turbo, who was unfazed. I started feeling terrible after that and had to leave my yoga class early. Thursday I woke up with chest pain on my right side, no other symptoms. Dr. Antin thought I might have pleuritis and said I should use analgesics.

I took the train to NYC Friday morning, feeling pretty bilious. Took a cab to the apartment, which even at $20 was worth it. I had a bowl of rice chex and and had to wait for the phone guy to come. I dashed out to return some shorts to Century 21 and make a few odd purchases at Bed Bath & Beyond.

After bailing the car out of the garage Saturday, we drove to Princeton to pick up Mariel at the train station. We then went to Princeton University to watch Mark run the 1500. At this point, I must add that when I went to pay for a two-day entry pass, I saw there was a half-price discount for Seniors. Yes!!! It never felt so good to be so old. Nevermind that two bananas cost $2 and two pretzels, $5. My niece Gabrielle and family came to watch, and we went out for lunch afterwards at a brewery. I had iced tea.

I started feeling really bad, tired and physically out of sorts. We checked into our hotel, and I proceeded to sleep for three hours. I woke up feeling crappy but hungry, a good sign. We ordered Chinese food and ate pretty well. I was zonked again by 11:30.

Fortunately, I woke up feeling much better after the rest cure. We had breakfast; Marty took Mariel back to the train; we headed to Princeton to watch Mark in the finals. We met other Columbia parents who seem like us. The woman behind me was whistling like a construction worker. She's the mom of another Freshman Lion. Mark got 6th place and earned a point for his team. He also got a nice medal. We got stuck in horrendous traffic heading into the Holland Tunnel. I just missed my train and had a light dinner at Grand Central. Harry, who was going to prepare a Mother's Day dinner for me, decided it would be better to do it tonight instead. He also gave me a gift: a George Foreman mini grill, which Marty and I will put to good use.

Dr. Antin agreed I should be seen by a doctor. I went to my internist this afternoon. He could find no symptoms of pleuritis, but ordered a chest x-ray just to be safe. No rush; I'll probably do it tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how I'm feeling.

In case this is too downbeat for you, I'm adding a picture of me toasting you all, one of the girls and one of Mark getting his medal.


Gabrielle, Mariel holding Dahlia, PJ

Mark getting his medal


Ronni Gordon said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well, but it's not downbeat. Sounds like you managed to do a lot of cool stuff anyway. You and the girls look great. Congratulations to Mark. Can't see him well in the photo, but I get the idea.

Jeffrey Silverstein said...

$20 cab ride to go a short distance, waiting for a service tech, stuck in traffic. Do you feel like you never left?
GET THAT X-RAY! Better safe then late for dinner (I have no idea what that means either!)