Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Everyone is so antibiotic, I wanted to give a shout out to probiotics.

Since I continue to have digestive issues, my doctor suggested I buy probiotics at the health food store. Some of us who've had chemo have been prescribed Protonix, a way of giving a foothold to the good bacteria that's been wiped out along with the rest of you. Since I did not want to take the Activia challenge because I don't much like yogurt, although I do hope Jamie Lee Curtis will consider playing me in the film version of my life, I headed straight to my local natural food mart and quickly saw I wasn't in this alone. There was a huge section dedicated to these products. A nice woman explained the how much and when I should take these babies. It turns out that if you are on antibiotics (which I am, as a preventative), you should take the pros a couple of hours later, and on an empty stomach. Five days into this thing, I'm feeling less gaseous but not out of the woods yet.

I do want to mention that I jogged a mile yesterday morning, slow and steady. My quads feel a little achy when I go down stairs, but I'm not complaining. Speaking of running, I picked up Mark from the train station yesterday. He'd gone on a road trip encompassing eight states, as far south as Arkansas and as far west as Indiana. He went with four other members of the Columbia track team, all done with school and taking a much-deserved break from running. We had burgers on the grill for dinner last night and he ate two. This is the former vegetarian who went back to meat last summer for protein reasons. He was never into tofu or rice and beans, and he didn't eat calcium-rich veggies.

Today is supposed to be what we call a scawcha in New York. That's "scorcher" in English. I just shut down the heat and now I'll have to crank up the AC if it gets bad. Harry asked me last week how people live in the South sans AC. Slowly and carefully, I told him. Do they wear suits? Only when they marry and die.


Ann said...

Great news about the run! As for the heat in the South, you get used to it.

Sue S. said...

100% cotton,loose fitting clothes
plenty of iced tea
frequent breaks just to sit
walk from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car to your air conditioned job
cold suppers

(That's my 10 years of living in Richmond, VA experience)

Ronni Gordon said...

Interesting about the probiotics. I'll have to ask. And great job running a mile!