Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AARP, Medicare and Other Signs of Deterioration

When I used to receive the AARP card in the mail in the mail, I was annoyed and recycled it without opening. Everyone is eligible to join at age 50, but I hate the hounding and the assumption that I want to be included in the likes and dislikes of the boomer generation.

But I joined to see if it's cheaper to use my husband's new health plan at work, or go on Medicare for my benefits and see how it compares with his "employee + kids" plan. Can you imagine how many brain cells I used on this? How much time?

I'm happy to say that I found a clear-cut answer. Although it was exhausting, I did the math and found the "answer."

Ironically, my husband knows Excel really well, and I have only a basic knowledge. As time goes by, however, and we all get older and qualify for Medicare, we may have to learn how to do these calculations with digital apps. Who knows?

I just hope my future deterioration (and everyone elses') can be approached without fear and with adequate coverage.

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