Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eat, Love, Massage

First, thank you for your uplifting comments. 2 might have been lost in the Cloud; all were wonderful.

Even though I'm still one-handed, I've managed to eat quite well. Marty and I went to the Cabin for delicious burgers Friday night after I picked him up from the bus station. We had some kind of comfort food Saturday night, although I can't remember what it was, perhaps a large downy quilt. Doug brought dinner to cook Sunday and Harry joined us for the meal, which included grilled steak, corn on the cob, couscous and chickpea salad, Asian coleslaw and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert. That's enough about food.

Love is what I want to talk about. For most of the last 2 weeks I've been here by myself, but I was not alone. Friends called to check up on me; many offered to come over and help. I had great conversations with my kids and sister-in-law Esther. The out-pouring of support reminded me of my leukemia days.

My massage therapist, whom I've been seeing for years and knows my body better than anyone, worked on me Friday and again on Monday. Yes, she came in on Labor Day to knock some good pain into my shoulder.

I'm healing, albeit slowly. My face is still scary but the cellulitis is getting better. 

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