Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Accomplishment

Today was the first time I went outside since Monday morning. It's not just that it's frigid out there, which it is, I basically had no reason to leave the house. My dog-walker took care of Buck and ran some errands for me. I sat in the sunny front room napping, reading and watching endless episodes of Law & Order. Reader, they're not endless. I think I have one more left on tape. I have a Criminal Minds addiction as well, and there are still a lot of them I've taped but not watched.

I was not exactly dressed to the 9's (more like the 2's) but I walked to the town office to pay my real estate taxes which are due tomorrow. Then I got in my car to go the post office where I had 3 days worth of mail, even a check! I was out of common groceries such as milk, bread and tomatoes. I ended up buying a bunch of other things at the market, and then had to lug it all to my car, to the house--you get the picture.

I was and remain exhausted.

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