Monday, January 6, 2014

Going Polar

I'm wearing double layers and have a portable heater by my side. The temperature has been dropping steadily all day, from 46 degrees at 7:30 am to 30 right now. That's warm compared to the frigid -4 we expect tonight. Mariel and I drove to yoga because I'm terirfied of slipping and falling down. I couldn't get warm during class, and my muscles rejected any attempts to stretch. It was depressing, especially since Saturday's yoga had gone so well. Plus, my legs were really itchy. Despair.

My legs still itch but I'm about to shower and lather my self with various products. I'm going to put on my 30-year-old Irish fisherman-knit sweater and hope for the best. I think I hyphened that phrase correctly. 

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Sue said...

I hope you are staying warm with all this cold weather.