Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two Plogish Days in a Row

After being on the road most of Tuesday (blood draw--all numbers good), traveling to the train station to drop off Mariel, going for Chinese food with Harry because his flight was cancelled due to the frigid cold, and after I arrived safely home, I kept the Oxycodone close to my wretched body. At the restaurant I took two extra strength Tylenols, and when I got home I took an anti-itch rx called Doxipen. Nada. I took 5mg of oxy at 6pm. I was so far behind the pain, I decided that a glass of red wine might soothe the savage body limbs and popped another Doxipen. By 10 pm, I'd had it. I'd already filled my Tylenol quota. I'd already rubbed in various potions. Encore une fois rien. I took 2 oxys (10 mg) and left Earth for a place in which I drift in and out of sleep feeling no pain. Once the pain receptors are turned off, I'm good until morning or until later, or for days.Weird. At least I'm not like those poor fibromyalgia patients who have nothing to show for their pain. I, on the other hand, have lower legs that are splotchy, crusted and re-crusted.

The cold is really taking a toll on my muscles, tendons and ligaments (and possibly my mind), I think. Everyone else uses it as an excuse, so why not me? Schools cancelled; planes grounded; FedEx can't deliver my meds, the really important ones I have to specialty order. Jeepers creepers, when I was a kid I walked five miles to school in two feet of snow. Seriously though, it gets cold in the Northeast in Winter. That's why you layer up and go sledding or skiing and then defrost your toes in front of a fire gripping a mug of hot cocoa or a hot toddy. We didn't have finger and toe warmers back in the good old days. They just sawed off your toe or finger when it went hopelessly dead.

I grow old, rickety and crotchety as time goes by.    

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Ronni Gordon said...

You poor thing! I am so sorry you are going through this. We really should get together and have a support group because there are few people who have any idea about all of this. I wish you didn't live so far away.Hey I never knew that the consequences would not be dire if I had a drink on top of oxycodone. I have been afraid to take a sip. Maybe it just makes you more sleepy?