Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Stratagies to Battle GVS Prove Challenging

I saw my oncologist and dermatologist in NYC last week. After Dr. G. saw the crud on my legs and how unhappy I've been with unstretchable ligaments and muscles, he commented that considering how bad I felt, I looked better than I did two years ago when he met me for the first time. What can I say? He's a gentleman.

Both doctors decided to take an aggressive approach to dealing with my skin issues. Dr. G gave me a megadose of dexamethasone and said I should be up all night, like I would if I took plain old prednisone. Instead, I crashed and burned two days later, having to cancel all my appointments including a trip to the Boston Foundation for Sight and a visit with some New Hampshire friends. Dr. L. told me to exfoliate the patchy skin with a blend of salicylic acid  and pramasone. Then I'm to cover the raw spots with a special anti-bacterial ointment. A day at the spa.

I'm functioning. I eat, I sleep, I take my meds. I'll be back soon. 


Ronni Gordon said...

I hope some of this works for you.

Ann said...

I think the last line pretty much sums it up for me too. The things we do to keep moving would make most people break down. I hope this latest treatment does something to give you a bit of relief. xo