Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pain Log

In an effort to try and shed light on why my legs are so painful, I started a log last Tuesday. I've had 3 relatively pain-free days out of 11. I've been taking 2 extra-strength every day, 1-2 doxepins (anti-itch)
and oxycodone as needed, which is often.

The only pattern I see is that the pain usually happens in the afternoon/evening but can strike anytime. Last night, it woke me up in the middle of the night, and it came in the morning twice.

Am I getting obsessive or what? Maybe I should make a chart with a pain line on it. I'm so sick of this I could cry, and sometimes do. Is this a life?

Does persistent pain affect your brain? I was slowly poring olive oil into a pan today and none came out. I'd failed to remove the cap. It was almost funny.

1 comment:

George Jempty said...

I've done the thing with failing to take the cap off something. Wonder if it has to do with us both being in our fifties ;) As for the pain, did it start with the extreme cold? Wonder if there could be some kind of connection?