Monday, February 4, 2008


Tomorrow's a busy day. Just thinking about it makes me even more tired than I already am. Marty, Mariel and I had a mini super bowl party and then watched House when Mark and Harry came home. 11:45 pm is way past my bedtime.

Mariel has more to do than I do, but in typical teenage fashion she's still sleeping. We're dropping her off at Logan Int'l Airport in Boston tomorrow morning around 7:30-8. She'll have a full day of travel ahead of her, arriving in Quito at 10:30 pm. We won't see her again until May 18. Since she's been home for 5 weeks now, I'm used to having her around. I'll miss her.

After we drop her at the airport, Marty and I are going to have breakfast with some Costa Rica friends in the North End. Then it's on to Dana-Farber where I'll be drained of many vials of blood and meet with my oncologist. Depending on my immune status, we may go out for lunch.

At least we don't have to worry about getting stuck in a victory celebration in Boston tomorrow. A pall hangs over New England this morning, and instead of world champion jerseys, Pat's fans are reaching for their hair shirts. Being tranplanted New Yorkers (me on more than one level), we rooted for the Giants. Mark and Harry couldn't wait to get to school today to enjoy the depressed atmosphere. Marty was a little worried about going to work, since his co-workers knew he was cheering for the Giants. Mariel and I were actually a little sad that Perfection was denied.

Nobody's perfect.*

*The first person to identify the film in which this final line is spoken wins a Pat on the back.


rebecca said...

Some Like It Hot?

pj said...

Pat on the back for Rebecca!