Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Accidently Drink Alcohol

Last night I had a powerful thirst, so I opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of non-alcoholic beer. I opened it, poured the beer into a glass and sat down with my husband, who was enjoying a much-needed scotch, neat.

I took a sip from my beer. I took another. Man this stuff tastes rich. It has a real flavor. "I think this is real beer," I blurted. Whereupon, my husband jumped up, ran over to the bottle I'd opened and confirmed that it was indeed one of his beers I'd grabbed by accident.

Now, if I'd been thinking clearly, I might have had a few more sips.

Sadly, the offending brew was immediately whisked away by my concerned husband, who would now have to drink beer with his lamb instead of the glass of red wine he'd been looking forward to.

What I learned: non-alcoholic beer lacks flavor and nuance. Why have I been drinking this dreck all these months???

Note to myself: If accidently slipped a martini, keep your mouth shut.


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Ann said...

Chris is laughing his head off right now because I would do the same thing. I know of a few transplant patients who are allowed a single glass of wine every day by their transplant doctors. I guess it really depends on what your doctor believes. Sigh, I hope you got to enjoy your too few illicit sips. Should a martini cross your lips, I won't tell. :)

ANGEL said...

Hi PJ! ANGEL from LLS Disscuccion Boards!Love your blog and your quick wit in your writing.Was it hard to set this up? See ya on the Boards!