Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Down, Two to Go

Happy 20th Birthday Mariel! Today I'm the parent of just two teenagers since you are now in your 20's. Of course, this milestone reminds me that tempus fugit and I grow old. Shall I wear the bottom of my trousers rolled? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Twenty years ago, I noted the first crocus blooming in the garden as I left for the hospital to birth you. Twenty years later, you are in Ecuador immersing yourself in the language, culture and social issues of its people. Feliz cumpleanos a ti mi hija.

It has been worth it, after all.


bravenewfrickenworld said...

Happy Birthday, Mariel...fellow Pisces! I am on the 15th.

Renee and Sam said...

Happy Birthday to our two girls, Patty. When Jamie celebrated his 17th last weekend (also a Pisces), I was reminiscing on the dual birthday parties that Mariel and Rachel had together plus our family celebrations at a restaurant. Wish we could get together...