Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cute Hairdo Down the Drain

Remember that haircut I gave myself a few days ago? It was all for naught as my hair started to fall out yesterday big time. I have very thick hair, so it could take a while, but baldness here I come.

Apparently, the first round of chemo I had in May was not toxic to hair follicles, but the more recent one was. I have mixed feelings about being bald. People stare at me (not that I get out much); strangers walk up to me and tell me about how they had cancer; I am somewhat vain and prefer to have hair, even though I wear it very short.

On a bright note, Marty and I went over to a friend's house for dinner last night which was a nice treat. I even managed to stay up past my bedtime. The new anti-nausea medicine I'm taking seems to have solved my morning-sickness woes, a big plus.

Take my hair, I don't care. Just let me feel good.


Lea Morrison said...

Let the hair going down the drain represent dead, old cancerous cells making room for new growth of healthy cells.

I am happy you got to get out with friends.

Ronni Gordon said...

Well, you know what everyone says, the hair will grow back, and of course it will, but it's always hard when you lose it. Glad you had a nice dinner.

Ann said...

There was a young woman at the grocery store who had very obviously been through chemotherapy. She was freshly bald with her port on display. I smiled at her and went on my way, remembering how much I hated being stared at, but I could see all of the people in her immediate vicinity glancing at her nervously. She handled herself like most of us do, ignoring everyone and going about her business. I was still irritated on her behalf, but that's my own hangup.

You're beautiful with or without hair and like Ronni said, it will come back.

Miranda said...

Argh, I so disliked being bald, and wearing scarves, and having well-meaning strangers come up to me and bless me or tell me about their travails. I felt like I had no privacy, as if I had a sign on my head- "She's got cancer!"

This too shall pass.

George Jempty said...

try Steve Martin's arrow-through-the-head, people are going to stare anyway, but it should discourage the comments ;)

Jim said...

I like Lea's visualization a lot. See ya, old cells.

Like Ann says, some will be uncomfortable seeing another bald lady soon. They don't like their bubble threatened, which one, I guess, can understand. But some are plain weird about, like Ann says, which is a shame.

Glad you're feeling better.