Monday, June 8, 2009

Food for the Soul

One weekend while I was in the hospital, my husband brought me The Sunday Times. The Magazine Section had a recipe for spaghetti primavera, one of my all-time favorite dishes. Hospital gruel is the opposite of this dreamy food. I promptly tore out the page and hung it on my wall to remind me that as soon as I was able, I was going to have this dish.

There are simpler ways to make pasta primavera, but Le Cirque's version is sublime. With family coming in for my son's graduation, I thought it was the perfect time to expend the effort.

I once made this dish 20 or 25 years ago, probably with a squadron of wine-swilling guests to help with all the chopping and steaming. In my current state, especially without a glass of wine, it was considerably more difficult to pull it off. I had to do the final steps strung up to my IV pole.

It was delicious, incredibly rich and laden with all the vegetables I haven't eaten in the past month. I almost swooned.

My guests liked it, too. I made sure there was a serving left to save, and I hid it in the back of the refrigerator. A few minutes ago I had it for lunch, a soothing and tasty antidote for the hospital food I'll be picking at tomorrow.


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Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds yummy! I think I might try the recipe myself. Good luck with your hospital (re)entry.

Ann said...

Looks delicious! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to enjoy your family and friends. Hang tight and don't forget you're the boss. I'll give you a chance to settle in before I start pestering you. :)

Lea Morrison said...

Well PJ, you certianly out did yourself. Not only would that intimidate me now being tied up to an IV pole with the finishing touches would have been extremely daunting. It looks so good and I am happy you saved yourself a serving. Somethings are better thenext day and I have always thought pasta was one of those things.

Anonymous said...

It makes my mouth water PJ. Hope you enjoyed your son's graduation. I also have a son who recently graduated from high school and I am so grateful to have been here for it.

Sending lots of positive energy to you as you resume the fight.