Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morning on Moosehorn Road

I walked out of the hospital yesterday at 10:30 in the morning, and spent much of the afternoon lazing about with Mariel watching food shows. I also organized the many piles of papers rising from various surfaces around the house, which brought me joy entirely out of proportion to what I actually accomplished.

We walked the dogs to the corner and back. Marty made a delicious dinner. I passed out around 9:30 pm, in my own bed.

Right now I'm sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee, peace rising from the cup.

This is living.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds wonderful.
Glad you got out.

Hua said...

Hi PJ,

I am happy for you. You sound very content.

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Jim said...

Hot diggety damn! Welcome home.

Also, better get yourself a literary agent (or modern day equivalent).


George Jempty said...

Hey Patty, your blogosphere seems to be widening ;)