Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Serenity Garden

That's me yesterday afternoon enjoying my serenity garden. It's a small area near our garage that had been overgrown by a tall spruce and a gangly cedar, plus a stray rhododendron and a couple of azaleas. My sons ripped all that out last summer, and then my husband and I added just a few plants in the Fall. For Mothers Day, my husband painted the adirondack chair Mark had made in wood shop four years ago. We found some old paving stones out back and made a little seating area. Then a friend brought over a few additional plants to to fill in (note: grasses), which Mark kindly planted for me.

When I came home from the hospital yesterday the first thing I did was brew a cup of tea and head out to the garden. It really was serene, a nice refuge after spending six days in the hospital assaulted by chemotherapy.

I think I will be spending some time in this garden in the days to come, watching birdlife, reading, healing and just being.


Ann said...

Sounds like heaven.

Judy R said...

I bet the smells were amazing!

Anonymous said...

All your men did a beautiful job.It was so needed in that space. Enjoy Dori

Ronni Gordon said...

Looks very serene. I hope you are enjoying it.

Jim said...

What a nice little corner of the planet.

Sounds like someone could be firing up Word in the Woods soon.