Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Days Bad Days

Tuesday was a really good day. I had lots of energy and even made a list of things to do. I did things off-list as well, like give myself a haircut. Yes, I inexplicably still have hair, lots of it, and I was developing an unsightly mullet. Whack.

I managed to get through the day without taking a nap, although I paid for this later when a zombie took my place at the dinner table, and I was still bugged-eyed well past my bedtime.

Wednesday was a mixed bag. I didn't need any "products" at the clinic, but I found myself paying the piper for Tuesday's overindulgence. Boy, that 3-hour mid-day nap felt good.

What will today hold? It's starting off on the right foot in that I'm not nauseous. Also, there's a chance the sun might come out later today (we haven't seen it in 3 weeks) and I might be able to spend time in my serenity garden.

My goals for the day include keeping my temperature low, destroying evil white blood cells, and rolling all my strength and any sweetness I can muster into one ball.

Sometimes you have to think big.


Ronni Gordon said...

I like your goals. Hope the sun comes out. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Jim said...


Good goals. Keep making them. The sun will shine soon. Jim